Golf Carts for Sale

custom golf cartWe have been the leader in creating and delivering the most unique and quality custom golf carts for nearly a decade. Why shop around for all the accessories and parts you need in order to create your custom cart when everything you need is right here. We customize any golf cart from Yamaha, EZGo, Columbia Par Car, Club Car and any other manufacturers just give us a call.

Golf cart accessories

We’ve got golf cart covers that you can use in any weather around the word (where they have golf courses of course) so you can keep yours safe from the elements. With the season here, it’s also time to make sure you have a backup golf cart battery on hand.

Our used golf cart guide can be a great help in aiding you to find the best deal out there. Some of the pre-owned carts are just as good as new, so why not save a few bucks?!

Custom Golf Carts

With everything golf related, our number one distinguishing corner in the market is our custom golf carts. They are the coolest on the planet and are highly sought after. We have mock Bentley, Porche, Ferrari, 57 Chevy, Mustang, BMW, Mercedes, Hummer, Cobra and many other roadster bodies to help you make sure you’re the most unique golfer on the course!

Interested in getting a new custom golf cart? Give us a ring at 951-656-5524 or email paintedrhino (at)
We offer financing for our golf carts to those who need it. For those who don’t think they could qualify, we recommend getting credit repair before calling.

 Custom Golf Cart Decals

stickers and decals for cartsWe’ve also partnered with a great vendor offer a wide variety of golf cart vinyl decals and stickers for walls and cars. These can be Mercedes emblems, Ferrari stickers, or just about anything else custom you can think of to make your existing golf cart something truly unique and beautiful.¬† Checkout some of our amazing offerings that will leave you absolutely breathless when you consider the price of some of these art stickers !

How Did you Find us? Good Marketing

Our marketing department has been working on SEO for our carts and we’re going to be building out some other marketing platforms. As we expand our operations beyond the San Diego area, we’re going to be working with local SEO services in a few different towns. Keep this in mind if you’re at all interested in a career in marketing with a super fun company that loves to have a good time while working hard.

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